brighton marathon 2010

Its been really busy since getting back from the States, everybody is giving great feedback from the MFR work that they have been getting. 

Im seeing so many runners at the moment, everyone is gearing up for the Brighton marathon next month. So seeing a full range of injuries, shin splints, tight hamstrings and sore hips and feet. Ice is my friend at the moment, if you can get ice on to an injury quickly you can really speed up the amount of time something can take to heal. Don't worry if you don't have any ice in your fridge, a bag of frozen peas wrapped up in a tea towel can really help. If you have pulled something just get the ice on it as quickly as you can and it really will help with keeping the swelling down. Remember though its always best to see a expert if you injure yourself.

Myofascial Release Unwinding

That was a pretty intensive few days. One of the big things about myofascial release is working on yourself as a therapist. Its simple really, if you cant feel yourself how can we expect to be able to treat clients. So these past few days have all been about working on our sleves. Its been incredibly hard work, long days and non stop, I feel exhausted, raw and happy. Some of it is about leaving our egos outside the treatment room, though its meant witht he best will in the world we as therapists can often walk into a treatment room thinking, right Im going to make this client better, but really we can only facilitate someone elses journey, its down to ourselves as clients to get better. 

Myofascial Realease 1

Just finished the first 4 days of the course, amazingly brilliant course. John is an incredible teacher and manages to keep everyone engaged. Its a really good mix of hands on work and theory. Loads of slides of fascia under the skin and seeing how this form of bodywork really works on stuck conditions. Its interesting to be studying with a lot of Americans, they seem to be impressed with our level of knowledge. People have travelled from Canada, all parts of the US and Italy to attend this course. 

Sedona is stunning, after working all days its lovely to get out into the mountains to clear the head and work on our own restrictions.


Myofascial release in the USA

Heading out to Sedona in Arizona tomorrow. Its a long journey but I am very excited, Im going to train with John Barnes, I cant beleive how lucky I am to be training with him. Its a 2 week course in myofascial release, Ive already studied it here but training with John is a bit like learning the guitar from one of the Beatles. Myofascial work is realing at the forefront of treating long term pain conditions. It realy works with the body using a number of techniques to reduce restrictions in the body.
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