Jan is one of those uniquely special people you’ll want to keep going back to. As well as being a highly skilled practitioner, she brings an intuitive understanding and a committed interest to every session she does
Caroline, Life Coach

Pregnancy Massage with Jan Wolsey

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At this very special time in a woman’s life many changes happen to the body and pregnant women can often suffer from back pain, sore shoulders or carpel tunnel syndrome.
 Massage in pregnancy requires special training and knowledge and for this reason Jan has trained with Suzanne Yates at Wellmother and qualified with Jing advanced massage in specialized pregnancy techniques.  Pregnancy massage is always done in the side lying position with plenty of pillows tucked in to help the mum-to-be feel comfortable, safe and supported.

When things don't go to plan  For most people pregnancy is a very joyful experience but occasionally things don't go to plan and complications can happen. Jan has supported clients after miscarriages and loss, giving the woman a safe place to have treatment. This is always done with a consultant's or GP's permission.

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